1. Tecnologies
  2. Words
  3. Directories
  4. Files
  5. Classes
  6. Methods
  7. Variables
  8. Constants
  • Rad Studio XE 3
  • Mysql Database
note: tecnologies is the worse think to change in a project, because is the base of any program and change this take a lot of time and re-work, so in this project is not a option to change the tecnologies we use.

  • Ex = An example of something - Directory (Ex: C:/Documents and Files).
  • D = Definition of something - Ex: Directory (D.: A directory is a logical local who we put files and pastes).
  • Ep = Explanation of something - Ex: String name //Ep. Name of the user.
note: D. tag is diferent of Ep. tag, you will use D. for define a concept and Ep. for explain something who is not explicit.

The project use this directories:
  • Models = Items that have the business logic, they are independent for the rest of the project
  • Viewers = Items that will be use for visualization, these items like models are independents,
  • Controllers = Items who connect the models to the views, these items depends of the 2 others to work
  • Resources = All resources that the project use, like images, videos, flash animations, etc.
note: This project use de MVC pattern. See more in

tip: use expressives file names, who you can thing about what is the file for only seeing the name, you waste less time

File names used in this project:
* mod_fileName.* Models files.
* viw_fileName.* View files.
* ctr_fileName.* Controllers files.

For Resources don't make sense use only one pattern of file name, follows :
* img_fileName.* Images files.
* ani_fileName.* Animations files.

tip: use expressives names for classes, where you can thing about what it do. Ex: connectionDB, connectionFTP, etc.

Types of classes:
  • DAO = Data Acess Objects , are classes that have all the atributes of a table in database.
  • LIB = Libraries, classes who are fully indepedent, like open files classes and database connection.
  • MOD = Mod classes are classes who have the business rule of the project.
  • CTR = Ctr classes are classes who connect the viewers to the mods.

tip: use expressives names for methods, where you can thing about what it do. Ex: connect(), readFile(), etc.

Globals gv_varName
Classes cv_varName
Local lv_varName

For default, any constant use "ct" in the beginning of each word. Ex: ct_projectName

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